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Customer Testimonials

"I couldn't say goodbye earlier as was risking getting emotional! But wanted to say thanks so much for everything you have done for both of us. M has achieved so much with your help and we won't ever forget that!"

Comment from a Parent, July 2017

"I can't thank you enough for all the hard work you have out into helping my son. I am so thankful."

Comment from a Parent, July 2017

"There are no words to describe everything you have both done for me and my son. We will miss you lots!"

Comment from a Parent, June 2017

"Thank you so much for believing in my boy! Keep doing what you do as you are fantastic!"

Comment from a Parent, May 2017

'Just wanted to say a big thankyou for all your support so far. Your effort and time is really appreciated'

Comment from a Parent, September 2016

"Thanks for all your support so far! Your reports are so detailed, it has allowed my paediatrician to make a diagnosis and allowed us to plan our treatment. Thanks again"

Comment from a Parent, July 2016

"This is an invaluable resource for the school as it has improved the skills of the staff in communication and language development, supported them in assessment, facilitated greater parental engagement and increased their understanding of children’s development"

Comment from a Headteacher, April 2016

"Talk about Town are a very professional service, providing continuous professional dialogue with the head teacher and the class teachers. Weekly reports are given on each pupil to monitor their progress and to inform the parents and teachers of continuous work they can carry out in-between sessions"

Comment from a Headteacher March 2016

"Thank you for all your hard work and support with my child. I have seen huge progress and will continue to be in touch"

Comment from Parent, February 2016

"I cannot thank enough for your help and support. Based on your detailed report and findings my daughter is finally going to get the correct diagnosis and support. I would highly recommend this service"

Comment from Parent, December 2015

" I cannot thank you enough! Our daughter had an autism assessment last week and after years of battling, we finally have a diagnosis from our paediatrician based on your findings. Your observational report and assessment was so indepth and detailed, it really helped and supported our daughter. Thanks again"

Comment from a Parent, November 2015

" I just wanted to drop you a message to say how wonderful you have been and how much the staff have appreciated all that you have done. We are very lucky to have you, thank you so much"

Comment from a Head Teacher, November 2015

" We had training today in our school. It was a very good and informative presentation with a very knowledgeable trainer. I felt I learnt different aspects of speech and language that I hadn't always looked at. The trainer was willing to listen to different points of view and delivered the session well with plenty of involvement.

Comment from Teaching Staff, November 2015

"Our child started back at school this week and his Teachers have noticed a significant improvement in his communication since he finished for his summer holidays which is down to a lot of the work you have done with him over the summer break"

Comment from a parent, September 2015

" The report from my child's assessment is very detailed. I wanted to say 'thankyou'. It is very detailed and we feel more confident now about how we can help her. Thanks"

Comment from a parent, August 2015

"Thank you so much for your expertise, advice and guidance. We are delighted with our daughter's progress- she is becoming a bit of a chatterbox! We will definitely stay in touch."

Comments from a parent, August 2015

"Dear Stef, Thank you for all your help this year. You've been fab and we will miss you!"

Comments from a member of school staff, July 2015

"They are fabulous. As a SENCo using this service I would recommend them to anyone. Very friendly, expert advice and they provide a wide range of services including speech therapy assessments and autism screening assessments. Excellent service, highly recommend"

Comments from a member of school staff, June 2015

"I have been taking my little boy to Stef since August 2014. I cannot recommend them highly enough. When I first took my son to her, he was saying one word at a time and screaming, his understanding was very limited and he was extremely frustrated. Since August, the change in him is massive. He understands almost everything I say to him, he can say 5-6 words together and spontaneously and he is so much calmer and happier. Stefanie is not only my son's speech therapist but has been such a massive support to me too. I quite happily travel over 50 miles twice a week to use her services and will do for as long as I need to. Rachel is also amazing and has been present at some of the sessions to work on his speech sounds which was amazing. I honestly can't recommend Stef and Rachel enough"

Comments from a parent, June 2015

"Very patient and professional. Highly recommended."

Comments from a parent, April 2015

"Since my daughter has been working with Stef, her communication and understanding has improved immensely. Stef's approach makes her sessions fun and engaging for my daughter. Thank you so much for all the help and support"

Comments from a parent, March 2015

"Absolutely fantastic. We're working with Stef and so far her help has been invaluable. Couldn't recommend them highly enough"

Comments from a parent, September 2014

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